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Aerospace and Defense

Raima Database Manager is found in a wide range of mission-critical systems, including ground-to-air communication systems, flight planning systems, radio tower systems, airborne data gathering systems, and hostile vehicle identification systems.

It’s not uncommon to find systems in this area that rely heavily on manual intervention, resulting in delayed intelligence; for example, a flight reconnaissance system where RDM database technology is currently deployed. In this case, multiple vehicles are updated with their mission data via a ground system by uploading the data into an RDM embedded database on a removable storage device (hard drive). Once loaded, a soldier takes the device and physically walks it from the ground system to the vehicle prior to the start of the mission. In addition, this same RDM embedded database is used throughout the mission to gather flight data and events. At the completion of the mission, the drive is again physically removed from the vehicle and walked back to the ground stations, where the data is aggregated and analyzed.


There are a couple of requirements that drive the decisions for the current solution. First, security is absolutely maintained by not electronically transferring the information. Secondly, implementation costs are kept to a minimum by placing as little code onto the airborne vehicle, thus reducing the required certification and significant costs associated with it.


RDM can be configured as an extremely small footprint database engine, keeping the certification costs to a minimum without sacrificing the functionality required to achieve secure data communication, system reliability, and recovery through ACID transactions, along with efficient and flexible data management based on the network data model. Combine this with real-time data flow, and the airborne systems can receive its flight data electronically prior to takeoff and any reconnaissance data can be passed back to the ground station while the vehicle is in flight for real-time processing. With real-time intelligence, real-time mission changes can take place without delays.

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"Raima has a significant customer base, which is impressive and gives us confidence in the product."

 Chris Hunt, General Dynamics UK Ltd. Engineering IT Manager


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"RDM was an easy selection because it offers all of the functionality we needed on our target platform. Raima has consistently exhibited exceptional cooperation to meet all of our business demands including providing source code for the database."

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The Boeing Company