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Raima Announces Release of Raima Database Manager (RDM) v15.2, a Powerful Embedded Database for Mission-Critical Applications

SEATTLE, WA, March 1, 2022 - Raima provides a fast enterprise grade c/c++ database with a small footprint for resource constraint environments. In this release Raima clients will be able to use a new set of features that will enable highly performant, and seamless movement of data from Edge IoT applications to gateways, on-premise servers and the cloud. 


Here are some of the new and improved features of 15.2:

Raima to Raima Replication
A high speed RDM to RDM replication API and utility, which is focused on: 

  • Ease of use: 3 new and straightforward API’s to initiate and manage replication  
  • Flexibility: Runs across all Raima supported platforms seamlessly  
  • Performance: Extremely fast  

It will be a crucial part of the data management eco system, moving data from IoT edge devices up to gateways and local servers. When used in combination with SymmetricDS, developers can seamlessly move data from IoT edge devices up to any cloud database. 


Hot Backup 
RDM 15.2 contains a pre-coded example of how to enable a hot backup of an RDM database.  


Enhanced Encryption 
In RDM 15.2, AES 256 bit encryption has been improved and further enhanced.  

  • Granularity: RDM now allows for table level configuration of encryption  
  • Performance: Encryption algorithms optimized  


RDM 15.2 allows for more specific information to be obtained from the Raima sub- systems  

  • Memory usage: RDM 15.2 can return a more detailed breakdown of user and engine memory usage  


Raima Database Manager (RDM) is the solution for: 

  • High performance applications, through in-memory and snapshot support  
  • Edge/remote data with low power availability  
  • Applications that are sensitive to memory footprint  
  • Applications that are mission-critical and require a secure and reliable data storage solution 
  • Applications that will need multiplatform support whether it is desktop and/or real-time platforms  
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning deployments at the edge through time series 


About Raima 

Raima is a provider of high-performance, time series, always-on database management system technology for both in-memory database usage and persistent storage devices. We deliver database solutions that are cross-platform, small-footprint database systems designed for distributed architecture in resource-constrained environments. Visit our website at 


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