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ADO .NET Performance Database Samples

What is a Database Sample? It’s a taste of the real thing. These are fully contained, downloadable database functionality samples of our Raima Database Manager (RDM) , and each download highlights a certain feature within RDM. Click on the Database Samples links to view the complete series for each API. Duration = 5 minutes or less.

Note: Windows samples require Visual Studio 2013 or later and Linux samples require a standard Linux development environment.

Database examples


C/C++ C# Description
Performance 1 Performance 1 Simple record type, integer field, in-memory. Time creation of 50,000 records. Time scanning and summing of all records' integer field. Time deletion of all records.
Performance 2 Performance 2 Same as previous but on-disk
Performance 6 Performance 6 In-memory. Simple record type, integer field, one key. Time creation of 50,000 records. Scan through the key, verify ascending order. Time. Time deletion of all records with transactions of increasing batch size.
Performance 9 Performance 9 Multi-user. Spawn writer and reader threads. Writer creates X records per transaction. Reader sums a range of them each cycle. Use locking. Time.
Performance 10 Performance 10 Same as previous but reader uses MVCC read-only-transactions, not locks.