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Why data management is a challenge for offshore production

November 12, 2017

The amount of data being collected in offshore production facilities has grown massively over the years to the point where ‘big data’ solutions need to be deployed in order to quickly and efficiently extract the important information from the mass of general data. The offshore working environment is always challenging. There is a growing trend…

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Scada applications

Raima’s data management systems prove more than a match for SCADA applications

November 3, 2017

Schneider Electric is to embed the latest version of Raima’s RDM database management system into the next generation of its EasyXOS Operator Station. The EasyXOS is used for customizing SCADA HMI displays, and has been the backbone of many automation systems since the introduction of the original product 20 years ago. Schneider has always used…

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Embedded Systems vs. Embedded DBMS

September 17, 2017

Posted by Randy Merilatt on September 17, 2012 gives the following definition of the word, embedded: “Part of; firmly, or securely surrounded; lodged solidly into; deep-rooted.” What do we mean by “embedded DBMS” and “embedded systems?” Even though the same word is used, the two usages actually refer different kinds of “embedded.” We understand that this is confusing primary because one of the important uses of an embedded DBMS is in an embedded system. So, the purpose of this short article is simply to clarify the similarities and differences in these two uses of “embedded.”

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How Much Security is Necessary in an Embedded Database

September 17, 2017

Posted byJeff Parsons on September 17, 2013
The traditional approach to data management has been to have a highly centralized big iron enterprise database engine that supports myriads of security options storing sensitive data.  With these enterprise engines you have your choice of authentication, permissions, encryption, and other options to secure your data.  As long as you have a database administrator that understands these options and can configure them properly, not as easy as it sounds, your data can be secured.  However, data is starting to emerge from the data center and make its way to the outer nodes of the network.

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Windmill in landscape

Raima Embedded Database – At the Heart of New Smart Grid Technology

August 30, 2017

LocalGrid Technologies has partnered with National Instruments to develop a smart grid-ready platform that can be customized to meet the needs of different grid applications.

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What is an Embedded Database? Finally…a Basic Definition

July 12, 2017

Posted by Jason Flores on July 22, 2011
What is an Embedded Database? A basic definition for those interested in the business side of an embedded database.
Featured: An example featuring how a GPS works with an embedded database.

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RaimaDMA051 - Does Big Data have the potential to predict pandemics

Controlling pandemics using big data

June 11, 2017

The possibility of worldwide pandemics is likely to increase as travel and international trade grow. But they can be preempted through the use of databases that track key indicators on a global basis. Recent research has suggested that the Black Death or Plague that devastated Europe in the 1600s actually started in Asia and was…

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Instant data management for smart grids

May 13, 2017

Instant data management enables smart grids to maximise power distribution efficiency There are multiple pressures on the power supply network. More people are using it, established customers are consuming ever more electricity, and the pressure to reduce carbon emissions from power generation is increasing. Part of the solution to this dilemma will lie in developing…

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Configuration and Policy Management Database – Case Study

April 22, 2017

I had the pleasure of interviewing a happy long-term customer this month, who unfortunately cannot allow me to use his company name. This is a summary of how he has been using Raima Database Manager (RDM) and his relationship with Raima over the years. Why Raima’s Database Manager? This customer develops a Networking and Telecom…

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Embedded database technology will enable the Internet of Things

April 10, 2017

As an ever-growing number of smart, connected devices generate more and more data in a global information space, Raima´s David Nguyen, Director of Engineering looks at how embedded database technology will underpin the Internet of Things. IDC estimates IoT hardware to be the largest technology category in 2018 with $239 billion going largely toward modules…

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